Bug Report


If you came across some issues, please report here. We get to work on fixing bugs.
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@Dmitrii Hi! Nice catch :+1:

We will fix it soon
Thank you for your feedback!


Just a little bug I encountered when signing up I should have screenshot it but unfortunately I didn’t

When I uploaded a picture of my passport and took the selfie I had got a notification on my phone after about 3 minutes to say the verification had failed but when I went Into the app it had passed successfully

Just to let you guys know :grinning:


Hello Stephen :blush:

Thank you for reaching us out and reporting this issue.
We will definitely fix the notification right away!



There’s another grammar issue on the release notes of the Android app.

“…built for your with love”. Probably should be “…built for you with love”.


@steveharman Hi! Thank you :raised_hands:


Hi. There is double-wording in the FAQ.