Early access!


WE are excited to announce the opening of Finangel for the first users. We have published the app for UK in Appstore and Google Play. In few weeks we will open the registration for the first users to get your feedback for a little reward!
Money should be free!


Hey finangel team!

I’ve downloaded the app from Appstore and entered my phone number.
The app says that I should enter a 4-digit code that I haven’t received.
I’m confused. Is registration available or not?


@vova :wave: Hi! What is your mobile operator ?


@pavel :wave:


@vova - super strange, ok we will try to find a problem
Thank You!


I’ve just entered my phone number again and received the code.
It must have been a temporary issue. Thanks!


Signed up last week, currently waiting on my card arriving.
I’ve been exploring the fintech world, currently a big fan of Monzo and Dozens.

Excited to give Finagel a try and see what they can bring to the fintech market.


Hey Josh :blush:

Thanks for reaching us out!
That’s great that you have decided to give it a shot. Hope you will fall in love with Finangel😍



@CEO Look forward to using the card and interested to see progress.
Is there any way to get involved, I.E. affiliate marketing or refer a friend for reward?. As I’m currently interested in the fintech technology.
Many thx Terry


Hi, Terry! thank you for the interest in our project and support.
WE are launching the main service (SplitPay) in May and will launch the referral program as well.
You are more then welcome to invite friends!
also we are planning to create the crowdfunding campaign later on.