First spend experiences


I’ve been using Finangel for the last few days, and it has been a good experience so far. Hopefully this doesn’t sound too negative, just trying to give you value for the £50 bonus!

What I’ve liked

  • Card and app design - Very premium feeling and elegant and they feel well branded together

  • Notifications - These are instant and helpful (containing the merchant, amount paid and amount on the card)

  • Support - Polite and helpful staff which are very quick replying. I think it would be nice to have the name of the representative, and a picture if possible. It would feel a bit more personal that way.

What I think could be improved / Problems I’ve faced

  • Limits in € - These would be far more useful being in GBP.

  • Card rejection - Was rejected at Tesco (which is being looked into, and has apparently not been a problem before). This was a good reminder of the worth of bringing a backup cards. Although, I haven’t had any problems using the card since.

  • Balance checks from ATMs - Cost €0.50 and are not accurate (support say they are aware, but I think these should be rejected and not charged for when they do not work correctly).

  • Pin codes via SMS - Having these in app seems like a better idea from a security standpoint.