What merchants would you like to have in our catalogue?


We have over 120 partner merchants in our catalogue.
When you buy at these stores you can split your purchase into three. Then you can pay over 3 months without an additional fee.

Are there any retailers that you would like to add in our catalogue? Please write it down.


Amazon seemed to be on a couple of days ago but now isn’t?


@Angurz Hi :wave:
We removed Amazon from our catalog - can’t agree on a partnership :confused:


Ticketmaster would be pretty cool and useful!
Especially because a lot of concerts are so expensive now a days would be great to have the option to spread the price over 3 payments!


The majority of my big purchases are thought Amazon, would be nice if you could sort something out with them. Thanks.


Hey Stephen!

Good to know this! We will see what we can do here :wink:
Probably, we might add it in the future :v:


Hi Josh!

We are pretty sure, all our client will be eager to have Amazon among our partners!
Will see if it is possible in the future!
Thanks for the hint!


Lego would be awesome


Hey dannclose :v:

Many thanks for your suggestion!
Will take into account for sure!